Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vege Creek 疏河, Taipei

Vege Creek has an interesting concept for vegetarian meal.
 There's only one big communal table for dine in, but most Taipei working crowd prefers takeaway.

We chose to have this 99NTD set lunch.

First choose the noodles and get the set A, B or C.

 Then pick 2 types of vegetables.

 Here are some extra ingredients if you wish to add on or do ala carte.

Here's my bowl of noodle soup.
The taste was actually quite normal and nothing to shout about.
It's only the quick lunch vegetarian meal concept that excites us. ;)

Taipei, Taiwan

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vegan flight meal

I think I've mentioned before that I enjoy in flight meal.
This was my first time with Eva Air, so I was a bit excited to know what would I get for the meals, since we always order vegetarian/vegan meal.

On the flight o Taiwan.
We were first served with cold drink and a packet of snacks (top left).
We 3 sisters had the same vegetarian vegan meal.

On the flight back to Malaysia.
We chose for western vegan meal this time.
I was surprised with the millet polenta cake, it was good!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Focaccia or cream cracker?

I always enjoy focaccia, my favourite is from White Brick Oven.

I never tried to bake focaccia before, so I gave it try yesterday.
I soaked fresh rosemary leaves in olive oil the day before, that is to put them into holes I punched before sending the bread into the oven.
I guess I stretched it too much, it turned out like a giant cream cracker! lol!

As demonstrated by my sis. XD

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Battery Acid Club, Damansara Utama

Du Pain et Des Idées, Paris

I visited this quite famous boulangerie is Paris in the morning with drizzling rain.

It was around 10am, not many people in the area.

I was fascinated by the amount of pastries and a bit lost which one to buy. Lol.
I took an olive bun, sundried tomato bun and 2 escargots.

By the time I got my supplies, suddenly there's a bee line behind me when I turned to exit. ;)

One of the flavoured escargot. Yum!

Du Pain et des Idées
34 rue Yves Toudic
75010 Paris.