Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New in town: Joseph @ Kitchen, Solaris Dutamas

Solaris Dutamas, since its opening last year, is now coming up with more and more eateries which is a good sign.

I bought a deal from Groupon which offered RM29 only for a 90-minutes coffee appreciation workshop at Joseph @ Kitchen here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Waterlily Bistro, Mutiara Tropicana

Since The Waterlily moved to Mutiara Tropicana, I'd never visited once.
I'd been to their Puchong outlet, which carried different menu from Bumbu Bali and Ole-ole Bali.
Actually I quite like their previous menu, more light food and cheaper too.

So I proposed to come here for our gathering for 2 reasons. One is just to pay a visit (at least I stepped into it XD), another reason is their food is meant for sharing. We had 4 people meeting up, so we can make order to share.

The Bali style interior.

First, we had Barley lemon drink in jug, RM18, for sharing.
We asked for less ice, but they came with a jug with half of it filled with ice. But good enough that the flavour haven't being diluted and it's very refreshing.

 Bali style mixed salad, RM9.
We were quite surprise to see the portion and variety of ingredient used in it.
Tasted good, yummy!

Here comes their specialty - nasi campur (RM33).
We ordered chicken to replace beef as I don't take beef.
It's very big in portion, but we're quite hungry then. So we managed to finish it.
I fancy keropok and sate lilit the most, not too oily and very aromatic!

we went for vege pasta (RM15) to balance up our meaty meal.
The sauce was good, however it'd been out shined by the other star dish.
But it's good too to have something light, right?

We were busy chatting throughout our meal, and we thought that might as well get a dessert to share. And also since there's still some space in out tummy, hehe~

Dessert menu had made us spending some times to choose one, we had pisang bakar (RM13) finally.
It might look a bit normal (like eating bananas with ice-cream for that price?), but mind you, the combo of vanilla ice-cream with grilled bananas is awesome. 

We had a great dinner to spend with each other, isn't that the priceless moment? 
I wish we will have more.

The Waterlily Bistro
No. 11-G, 11-1 & 11-2,
Jalan Mutiara Tropicana 3,
Mutiara Tropicana, PJ.
Tel: 03-78036603 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wholewheat bread and orange marmalade jam

I was trying to get bread loaf from mini market downstairs, but the rack was quite empty.
So I have to go to another market next to my apartment to get it.

When I was about to get the household brand one, I saw this wholewheat bread loaf.
It's written there 'rich in wheat bran, 100% brown sugar'.
Since I've never tried before, so I grabbed it.

I'm not sure if it's really healthier than other brand (the ingredients did sound healthier), the taste and texture are quite similar to those produced by bakery, but at the same price as the household brand's. They have more wheat in proportion, hence the rougher texture of the bread. The nice smell of wheat is also stronger.
I'm happy with my new finding.

This Homemade by Mel & Anne's orange marmalade jam was given to my mom by a neighbour.
The family couldn't stand the bitterness of the orange chunk. I think they were talking about the orange skin, maybe they put in whole orange in the process.

Yes, the jam is truly full of flavour and texture of orange (and the skin XD). I don't mind the bitterness, if fact I'm not a fan of sweet stuff. So I'm comfortable with the taste.

When I was thinking how homemade is this jam when the expiry date is in year 2013, then only I found out that 'Homemade' is the company name. -.-

Well, consumers are more conscious with healthy food nowadays, so a lot of production of food label as 'healthy', 'low sugar', 'homemade', etc.
We wouldn't know how true they are, so please be careful when selecting them, such as paying attention to their ingredients and also look out for the labels with *. Read them thoroughly and then make your choice.

Happy being healthy!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bulgogi BBQ House, The Strand Kota Damansara

Upon seeing these many small plates of dishes, I'm sure you know which type of delicacy I'm referring to.
Yes, Korean food that both me and my sis like. (I hope you didn't mention Japanese food, XD)

We were exploring at The Strand and wondering what to have for lunch, then we saw this Bulgogi BBQ House. 
I always think that they only serve BBQ food. Then I remembered she's been there before having value meals. So we decided to give it a try.

My order -vegetable bibimbap.
I love it being healthy enough, and also the great taste too!
The way to eat it is to pour in the chilli paste provided and mix up all the ingredients.

 My sis' chicken bulgogi. 
Bulgogi is a Korean dish that usually consists of marinated barbecued beef, although chicken or pork may also be used. (from wikipedia)
It's not as spicy as it looks. Maybe because we are spicy food lovers. =)

Bulgogi BBQ House
12A-G, PJU 5/20B,
The Strand,
Kota Damansara.
Tel: 03-61427088

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pasta Zanmai -May Special

(Clockwise from top left: May special menu, green tea in pot, onion soup, unagi pizza, salmon pizza and softshell crab sushi)

Pasta Zanmai never failed to impress me so far.
I especially like their pizzas.

Thay will usually feature something every month, like Sushi Zanmai.
So when I was there last Friday, I tried the featured onion soup, softshell crab & avocado sushi and salmon & avocado pizza. 
The pizza was superb! I like smoked salmon the way they did, and the super thin and crunchy crust.

We can't get enough that we ordered another pizza with unagi and egg, which is also great to have. =)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good morning, Saturday!


The weather has been quite moody these days.
This morning when I woke up, it's quite sunny. After that it was gloomy and dark clouds are coming from far.
Now it's hot and bright again.

No matter how the weather is, I still need my good weekend breakfast.
Here at home we had organic wheatmeal pancake prepared by chenyee with homemade apple jam by me.
With the mild wheat-y texture pancake and sweet& sour apple jam out from the fridge, the combination is refreshing!

Of course, coffee is a must to complete the meal.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Bee, Jaya One

It's my second visit to The Bee, but it was my first time to try their meal here.
I only had their coffee during the first visit.

We heard great compliments from friends about their burgers (or maybe other food as well?), we came here for dinner after our hot day in KL town.

My flat white and chenyee's iced caffe mocha at the background.

Chenyee's chicken & mushroom pie topped with pea mesh and gravy, together with fresh salad.

My order: vegetarian falafel burger, RM14.
Chickpea patty, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, tomato & mint yoghurt dressing on a lightly toasted burger bun and served with a lot of fries.
 We certainly could taste the chickpea in the patty, reminded us of dhal.
I thought it's a great effort to come out with veggie burger to cater for vegetarians.
At least, they didn't make it too oily or too small portion as usually people treats veggie food.
Like Burger K*ng's veggie burger which I once ordered years ago, to my horror it's only the bun and some pity looking salad inside, that's all. 

I'm not a strict vegetarian, but I will always try those veggie dishes whenever I found them in menu.

Coincidently, there's poetry slam going on in The Bee when we dined there on last Saturday.

At first, we were enjoying the slam as it was fun, and the audience were being responsive too.
But until there's a bistro nearby also 'slammed' with live band, those who sitting outside like us couldn't really get the people on stage inside the cafe.
That's when we decided to call it a day and left for home.

The Bee
2A-G, Block K, Jaya One
No.72 Jalan Universiti, Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan


(603) 7960 2160

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 10am - 12am
Friday and Saturday 10am - 1am
Sunday 10am - 4pm

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New in town: Mbuji Cafe, Carrefour Subang

I was invited by Ivy to attend the coffee appreciation session organised by Mbuji Cafe.
I can bring along a friend, so I tagged along Koilee, also a coffee lover.

Mbuji, pronounced as boo-ji, is the name of a rock in Tanzania.
Hence the African style decoration in the cafe.


They were formerly situated in Sunway Giza, but now they had moved to Carrefour Subang.

 When you thought they are like those serve-coffee-and-cake-only cafe, then you are wrong.
Apart from coffee and cakes, they have all kinds of food, from local flavour to western food.

This plate of sweet desserts were served on each tables for us.
I'll tell you later what were they for.

A famous blogger, Mei Yee, shared the same table with us.
This is her order, mushroom soup.
It looks thick, isn't it?
Yes, it was very condensed.
Should be better if they make it slightly watery.

Quesadillas, tortilla with grilled chicken, cheese and onion inside.
I like this, a great snack I say.
Koilee's all day breakfast. 

Before my food came, the owner and the professional Barista told us stories about the cafe and coffee.

My aglio olio. I didn't get to taste the pasta immediately as we were busy listening to the stories and taking notes on that.
But the taste is still not bad, so I suppose it will taste great if serving warm.

After that, we got to look, smell and feel the coffee bean closely in different origins and grades.

We tasted the coffee in small glasses to learn how to differentiate their taste, like African coffee has full and consistent flavour while Columbia one has a strong shot at the beginning of the sip.

Between the tasting of different coffee, that's where the desserts are for -to neutralize our taste bud before we taste the next coffee.

After that, we added milk to some of the coffee to taste the difference.
Some coffee are well blended with milk, Some are not.
Coffee beans are sold here.
You can buy and request them to grind for you according to your brewing method and accessories, be it filter, moka pot or french press.

Coffee beans.

They also have set meal promotion now.

Thanks to Ivy for inviting to this event.
I've certainly gained more knowledge about coffee. =)

Find Mbuji Cafe in IOI Mall and Carrefou Subang.