Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bread exchange project

Me and my another friend who loves baking was talking about exchanging bread last month, and we made it yesterday. :)

I got fougasse from her. With a nice leaf shape, the fragrance of herbs and oil was lovely.
I made mushroom soup to eat with it for dinner.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dr.Inc, Bangsar

The weather is rather hot recently.
Although this cafe is not air-conditioned, but thank to the air well and opening, the place was airy on a Sunday evening.

I like the floor finishes. 

I was sitting next to the entrance. 
With the working desk and direction, I imagined I'm a receptionist. Lol. 

I had black coffee and lemon poppy seed cake.
Both were wonderful.
I enjoyed the quiet moment with myself.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday at home

I got my long lost Sunday at home today! Yeah!

I started the morning with baking country bread.

I brewed Kenya Kiungu roasted by The Roast Things.
I was fascinated with the fragrance once opening the packet, and it continues to awe me with the taste. Love it! 

I found a recipe for vegan scone so I tried baking it.
It wasn't a success but luckily I have friend's apple jam to the rescue.

Now I'm thinking about what to have for dinner already...

Weekend house party

We find reasons for house party, even a simple one will do. :)

Vegan cauliflower cheese, using cashew nut, nutritional yeast and wheat bran.

And my favourite focaccia! I just love to bake and eat this~

RT Swiss roll brought over by Koilee and juicy pineapple from Mari Farm.
We also had fresh blueberries, Michelle's baked mushroom and Choiyen's pumpkin pickle.

For dinner, I used the leftover cauliflower cheese adding in spinach and almond milk to cook pasta.
Also baked a mini cake with over-ripen banana and ciku from Mari Farm.
That's Choiyen's pickle, quite surprise that the pumpkin tasted like mango. ;)