Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Healthy Meal Service by Culinary Capers

Healthy Meal Service Fresh from kitchen

As our lives become busier and busier, meal times become increasingly more and more of a challenge. All of us would like to try and eat healthy and fresh but often the demands of our hectic lifestyles just don’t seem to allow for it. But with Culinary Caper’s help you need not sacrifice great taste and nutrition.

Each of our ready-to-eat deliciously wholesome dishes is prepared fresh with the same homemade taste and quality you would expect from your very own kitchen. Our dips are delicious and totally nutritious and our salads satisfying even as meals by themselves.

Menu for Oct , Nov & Dec

Dips & Spreads ( approx 250g ) Good for 4-6 pax

1. Muhammara ( roasted red pepper )                      RM25 V
2. Babaganoush ( smoked eggplant )                       RM25 V
3. Spinach Power ( spinach, basil & coriander )      RM25 V
4. Hummus ( Chickpea )                                          RM25 V
5. Tapenade ( Black Olive )                                     RM30 Non V
6. Almond & Coriander                                           RM30 V
7. Butterbean Spread                                                RM30 V
8. Edamame Dip                                                      RM 30 V

Khoubiz Bread to go with the dips

Plain- RM5.00(whole)

With Zaatar Seasoning & feta cheese- RM1.00 per /pc

Muhammara ( roasted red pepper )

*All dips and breads can last for 3 days in the refrigerator.

Notice required : 3 days

Salads – Grains ( approx 300g ) Good for 2 - 3 pax
1. Quinoa with Pepita Ciliantro sauce                                                                  RM22 V
2. Wheatberry, sprouted grains & Mixed Veg                                                      RM22 V
3. Quinoa, Sprouted Grains & Mixed Veg                                                           RM22 V
4. Chicken & Wild Rice Salad                                                                             RM27 Non V
5. Cous Cous and Roasted Veg                                                                            RM27 V
6. Chickpeas & Mixed Bean Salad                                                                      RM22 V
7. Red Rice, Wild Rice & Quinoa salad with Apricots & Pistachio Nuts           RM27 V
8. Wheatberry with watercress ,sunflower seeds & grapeseed oil dressing        RM22 V
9. Cold Soba Salad with purple cabbage , Feta & Edamame Pesto dressing      RM27 V
10.Black bean & Barley in a Tangy Dressing with Feta                                      RM 22

*All these salads can be kept for 3 days in the refrigerator provided dressings are not mixed. All other salads must be eaten on the same day.

Notice required : 3 days

Salads – Others ( approx 300g ) Good for 2-3 pax
11. Greek Salad with Feta Cheese                                                                           RM30 V
12. Refreshing Asian Slaw with Peanuts & Fusion Dressing                                 RM15 V
13. Mesclun Greens with Ginger flower, Mint & Thai dressing                             RM17 V
14. Thai Green Papaya Salad with Holy basil                                                         RM15 V
15. ThreeRice Salad with Mixed Greens,Fried Wonton Wrappers & Rice Sticks  RM22 V

Mesclun Greens with Ginger flower, Mint & Thai dressing

*Salads 12- 16 must be eaten on the same day. All dressings will be given separately. For best taste pls eat all salads within 20 mins of dressings being mixed.

Notice required : 3 days

Healthy Gourmet Sandwiches , Wraps & Tortillas ( set of 2 - gd for 1 person )

1.Absolutely healthy – Houmous, , spinach spread, lettuce, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts       RM10 V
Add turkey ham and Provolone/ Havarti cheese                                                                   RM14
2. Mediterranean – grilled herbed chicken breasts, grilled red & yellow peppers,
zucchini, olives, harissa paste, arugula                                                                                 RM17
add haloumi / feta cheese                                                                                                      RM21
3. Classic – smoked salmon, lettuce, capers, dill, onion rings.                                             RM17
4. Tandoori – boneless tandoori breasts, almond , mint & coriander paste, 
low fat yoghurt mayonnaise, arugula, onion rings.                                                               RM17
5. Tasty Vegetarian– roasted aubergines , red peppers,zucchini, Sun dried tomato,
olive spread, arugula, basil pesto, onion rings.                                                                     RM17 V

*These are some of the regular fillings but we have many more. Pls enquire with Geeta for more options. Prices will vary according to fillings and breads used. We use only high fibre fat free, gluten free, grainy seed bread for our sandwiches. For our wraps you have a choice of yeast and cholesterol free mountain breads or whole wheat tortillas, either raw or toasted. Wraps or toasted sandwiches must be eaten within 20 mins of being heated.

Notice required : 3 days


1. Herbed Chicken with roasted red pepper                                                                   RM60 Non V
(3 large breasts gd for 4 pax )
2. Chilli Chicken with harissa Paste                                                                              RM55 Non V
(3 large breasts gd for 4 pax )
3. Spicy Coriander steamed/baked fish fillet in banana leaf Indian style
with Basmathi Spinach Rice                                                                                         RM120 Non V
( good for 10-12 Pax )
4. Spicy Pakistani Style Fish Biryani with Basmathi Rice ( gd for 15- Pax )              RM150 Non V
5. Grilled Lemon Sole with lemon Nut Crust                                                              RM65
Approx 300g (gd for 3- 4 pax )
6. Grilled Red Snapper with parsley oil & Butter. 300 g ( gd for 3-4 Pax )                RM70
7. Herbed Lamb meatballs in Roasted Red pepper sauce ( 500 gm – 40 meatballs )  RM130 Non V
with lemon cous cous ( gd for 4-5 Pax )

Spicy Coriander steamed/baked fish fillet in banana leaf Indian style with Basmathi Spinach Rice

*We have many other interesting options- Pls inquire with Geeta.
Notice required : 3 days

Sweet Endings

1. Warm Apple & Cinnamon Walnut cake                                                  RM70
with caramel Topping (8 X 8 )
2. Lemon lemon loaf with lemon Glaze
( 8 X 5 ) RM50 3. Carrot Almond loaf with cream cheese
Topping ( 8X5 )                                                                                           RM60
4. Dense Crushed orange & Almond cake
( gluten free ) ( 8 X 8 )
5. Moist Carrot Walnut cake with cream Cheese                                       RM70
Topping (8 X 8 )                                                                                         RM80
6. Baked raspberry cream Cheese Cake ( 8” round )                                 RM70
7. Creamy Carrot Pudding Indian Style ( 11 X 7 )                                     RM80

Notice required : 3 days

Ordering procedure
Please call 012 2186656 ( Geeta ) or 20935789 / 20925985 ( Nora ) during office hours ( 9am -6pm ) to place your orders. Please also have the following information at hand when you place your order : the description, the quantity and the date you will take delivery. If you have any special requirements please let us know & we will do our best to accommodate you. If you are unsure about numbers or quantities pls call Geeta directly . Collection can be done at our kitchen at

No 5 , Jln Tunku Putra
Off jln Duta, 50480 KL ( near the old Indian High Comission )

If you wish us to make delivery there will be an extra charge depending on the area.
As we aim to be environment friendly pls return our containers as otherewise we will 

have to charge you for them.

All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia. V stands for Vegetarian Options & Non V stands for Non Vegetarian options. All our food is Halal.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Healthy Cooking & Living Class by Culinary Capers

First of all, a special thanks to Ms Geeta Jayabalan for the invitation to her cooking class on last Wednesday.

A short intro about her and the company.
She set up this company called Culinary Capers and she has been teaching since 1994 after giving up her legal practice.

Since 1994 Culinary Capers has been doing many different activities all related to culinary pursuits. 
Just to give a few examples:
- culinary team building programmes for corporate companies as part of their human resource training
- working  with travel,  convention & event management companies to organise market tours, & cooking lessons for tourist groups, spouse cooking programmes for MICE conference delegates at her place.

However she's now seeking to bring Culinary Capers to a different level.

Malaysian food is great but we cannot deny that it is not the healthiest of food & the fact that we are the most obese country in South East Asia is testimony to that fact. She's very much into health food & food combinations for a healthy lifestyle she has devised ways of eating where she thought she can still have all her favourite foods but not put on the extra pounds and it is this message which she wants to convey to people in Malaysia & globally as well.
In that connection she has come up with a new concept of cooking called Healthy Cooking & Living.

So here's the class.

Ms Geeta in class.

 The menu of the day:
Starter : Muhammara (Roasted Red pepper Spread with Crispy Lavash Bread)

Salad 1 : Quinoa, Sprouted Grains & Mixed Veg Salad

Salad 2 : Mesclun Greens with Gingerflower, Mint & Peanuts served with Thai dressing
Mains : Spicy Ciliantro steamed Lemon Sole in Banana Leaf

Basmathi ( Long Grained ) Spinach & Spring Onion Rice

Dessert : Buckwheat & Quinoa Crepe with Caramelised Bananas in Cinnamon Sauce 

It was a superb starter or snack. The spread was so yummy, I personally think that it's a good alternative for salsa dip.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Setting The Table, Insadong

Back to Seoul food again.

Here's one nice restaurant tucked away in a small alley in Insadong.
You will never noticed its existence if you only walk on the main road.

We were looking for a place for our late lunch (if not mistaken, it was around 3pm already).
We saw this nice looking dining outlet, and also a little bit surprise that a restaurant like that is still opened at that hour.
 Nice illustration on the wall.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

TiPsy Brew O'Coffee, Setia Walk

Well, mention about Puchong will immediately make me think of the traffic condition, restaurants and traffic, again.

But now with Setia Walk -another popular hangout spot soon, especially during happy hour. More and more offices and restaurants coming in already.

One of them being Tipsy Brew O' Coffee.
It's just right next to a ramen shop.

 They serve Illy coffee. Hand drip and siphon coffee is available too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Be Lohas .Healthy Cuisine, Damansara Utama

We've never been to Be Lohas in Damansara Uptown although it's not too far away.
Actually I was to come twice with friends, but too bad they close quite early, at about 8.30pm.
By the time we managed to reach there after work was already too late. 

So this time we 3 sisters were here after coming back to PJ from hometown, and it's time for lunch.

 We were served with soup of the day and also Chlorella tablets to eat before meal.
That's my hot black sesame drink on the left.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Multigrain bun from Tesco

I visited Tesco in Mutiara Damansara after its renovation a few months back.
I browsed through their bakery section and found out there's some 'upgrading work' done. :)

They are now serve not only the normal potato bun or white bread loaf or tuna bun already.
I found multigrain buns in pack.

It looks good~

And it tasted good too.
But one thing is there's no ingredient list for some of the bread, including this one.
I'm quite particular in this matter (so that I know what I consume), so I hope they do something on this soon.