Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Farmer's Market @Central Park 1Utama

Oh, I didn't talk about the first farmer's market last month?
The first Sunday of September was already the 2nd one.
Let me just make them in 1 post then.

This was the first market they had.
I was there by 10am. Every stalls were still selling their stuffs.

I received a box of cherry tomatoes as complimentary gift from the organizer when I presented them the flyer they sent out earlier.
I bought a packet of organic sweet potatoes with RM5.

Organic yoghurt in my favourite blueberry topping, RM6.90.

The second time I visited this market also at about 10am, but this time most of the stalls already sold out of their items.
Great news as many had found out about them!
There was also a girl singing, nice voice she has.

We got cranberry cake and doughnut from Woods Macrobiotics and almond milk as our breakfast.

I won't be there for their 3rd market, which is scheduled to be the last one.
However, if they receive good respond from the people, they might continue having it.
So good luck!

Farmer's market @Central Park 1Utama
1st Sunday of the month
August-October 2011

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