Sunday, August 7, 2011

New in town: En Ginza Cafe, Pavilion

Tokyo Street is opened on Level 6 of Pavilion, KL.
Thus, I was there to check out what's new in the space.

I was about to leave the 'street' for lunch then I stopped at this modern looking cafe. 
I saw bread on the shelves so I went in to have a look. 
Also looking at their menu see if they serve something I want to try.
Hmm, quite expensive and not much selection to dine in.
Until I was going to walk out from the cafe, I saw a board showing "30% discount of total bill" prior to their opening.

I paused a little while thinking 'why not trying now', and walked back in and ask for a table, for one.

If it wasn't the RM there, I think I can pretend myself already in Japan as for the Ginza and Japanese words. LOL.

The left and right views from my table.
It's at the end of the cafe.
I could hardly be seen from the entrance, so it's a good hide-out place I guess.

Oh I like the chair.

Maccha green tea latte (RM12.90). wonder why, suppose maccha=green tea already?
This is not what I would usually order, but since I wanted to have coffee with my gang later and also to find a comparison to The Dining Cafe's latte, hence the selection.
So the verdict? The green tea flavour was quite mild and more milky. I like the former more.

 Chicken teriyaki sandwich, RM24.90.
This is what I think is expensive. If not mistaken, no main course is under RM20.
The fries were still hot and good seasoning with salt, parsley flakes and chilli flakes.
The bread is fresh, however it's harden after some times as I consumed it slowly.
The filling of chicken in teriyaki sauce and mustard sauce came with rocket leaves as well.
It's quite a big portion for me.

As there's opening discount of 30%, I paid RM30.95 instead of RM41.58, total savings RM11.34.
That's a good way to try out new stuff.

It's located here.
When you see this sign above, the cafe is the 1st outlet on the left.

En Ginza Cafe
Tokyo Street
Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

*En Ginza Cafe is not in the business anymore, the space has been taken over by Komugi Cafe.


  1. Wah, u r so IN, this the most happening place in town, everyone is talking about it!!

  2. haha, coincidentally. just to check out this new place as my sis visited on the week before.

  3. i read fr KLue, this tokyo street also got the click shop oh