Thursday, October 13, 2011

All about coffee from Japan

(Clockwise from top left):
Cinnamon stick from Waseda Uni Shop & Cafe as a stir for my cappuccino;
Paul Bassett's singature blend 100g for 650yen;
Casa Brutus extra issue for 880yen;
Starbucks Colombia instant coffee (5 single-serve sticks) for 448yen;
Starbucks Breakfast Blend Origami personal drip coffee (5 cups) for 498yen;
Drip coffee (10x) from Kaldi Coffee Farm, 380yen;
and natural brown coffee filter 100pcs also from Kaldi Coffee Farm, 186yen.

Japan really has a lot of coffee maniacs, hence the huge numbers of cafes and coffee products could be found there.
I wish I could bring back more stuffs. ;)

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