Friday, October 28, 2011

Cafe & Meal Muji, Hibiya

I read from magazines about the cafe.
If not mistaken they have a few outlets, but I chose to visit Hibiya one as it's on Metro line which is easier for me.

 It's on the first floor, but Japanese labeled it as 2F.
It's quite a huge outlet.

I ordered their set meal.
Choose 1 hot + 2 cold dishes, add one selected bun.

 My dinner with cafe au leit, 1130yen.

Check out their chandelier.
Noticed what is it made of?

Yes, glass bottles. It's brilliant!

地下鉄日比谷線日比谷駅徒歩3分 地下鉄銀座線銀座駅徒歩3分 JR山手線有楽町駅徒歩4分
tel. 03-5501-1510
fax. 03-3502-1770

For Hibiya Metro Line, drop off at Hibiya Station and walk for 3 minutes to reach the outlet.
For Ginza line, drop off at Ginza Station and also walk for 3 minutes to reach.
For JR Yamanote line, drop off at Yurakucho Station and walk for 4 minutes to reach.

For locations of all outlets, please refer here.


  1. Hi Miki, no I'm not staying there. I visited this cafe during my one week vacation earlier this month. :)

  2. wao !!!! How's the trip ???? :) I always hope that i can visit Tokyo one day :(

  3. Miki: It's was great! my best trip ever~ :)
    I was traveling by myself most of the time, so it was a fun and adventurous one, especially I'm not well conversed in Japanese.

    It's my dream to visit Japan since young, so I'm happy that finally I've fulfilled it. Wish you can make it come true too one day!

  4. Traveling alone is one of my dream too !!!! LOL , but still , am not ready yet >.< perhaps i need time....and $$ for sure . haha
    Anyway, thanks so much for reply and i hope you live well and keep update your blog :))))