Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Namoo On The Park, Publika

 Looks like K-pop has invaded not only the music scene, more and more Korean restaurants are mushrooming here.
Apart from BBQ and kimchi, here's one cute Korean style cafe made it to this currently a hip place to be -Publika.
It's Namoo on the park.

The songs they played in the cafe such as Humming Urban Stereo's are the hit songs played in my apartment too, as I have 2 K-pop-fans sisters! ;D

Yuza smoothie.

My green tea latte.
Nice presentation, but taste wise not as good as I expected.
Maybe not smooth enough.

Here's one of the signature dish: Rice burger.
The birthday girl had this with beef patty.
Seafood and ribs soup with brown rice, looks quite healthy, but because of seafood it wouldn't be my choice. :P

Ginseng chicken, it was one whole chicken just without head and claws!
But I think it's a spring chicken based on the size.
If you wonder where's the ginseng, it's actually stuffed inside the chicken.

I wanted to order something with tortilla wrap (which is written inside the menu) but it's actually not available.
So I settled for chicken rice burger instead.
It was quite good, but a little bit big portion for me.
See the chicken patty? Quite big chunk huh~

The star of the night -sweet potato cake!
I love it! Smooth and not too sweet.
But me and another friend agreed that the ice cream was a bit out of the place, it didn't really match the cake.
The cake is alone is good enough. :)

We were torn between pumpkin and this carrot cake when we were choosing the second dessert, but since pumpkin cake doesn't look (and taste perhaps) much difference from sweet potato cake, so we had the latter.
This is also nice, but I don't remember I tried it with the sauce.

The mom was the birthday girl, but I guess her little girl was as happy as the celebrated one. :)

Namoo Koran Dessert Cafe n Bistro on the park
Publika, Level G3, 
Lot 4A , Solaris dutamas 
No.1 , Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 03-6411 6698



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    1. Nice right? But my favourite would be the sweet potato cake. :)