Thursday, October 11, 2012

Setting The Table, Insadong

Back to Seoul food again.

Here's one nice restaurant tucked away in a small alley in Insadong.
You will never noticed its existence if you only walk on the main road.

We were looking for a place for our late lunch (if not mistaken, it was around 3pm already).
We saw this nice looking dining outlet, and also a little bit surprise that a restaurant like that is still opened at that hour.
 Nice illustration on the wall.

 A long window to peek into the kitchen.

 We weren't that hungry to have a meal for each of us, so we only ordered 2 mains.
But they still served each of us of this small bowl of porridge. It's complimentary meals.

I don't really know how Korean can make pork so delicious! (23000won)
Seriously, I could still remember the flavour now upon seeing this photo~

This is the way to enjoy it~

 Tofu rice, 7000won.
Just light and nice.