Thursday, October 25, 2012

Healthy Cooking & Living Class by Culinary Capers

First of all, a special thanks to Ms Geeta Jayabalan for the invitation to her cooking class on last Wednesday.

A short intro about her and the company.
She set up this company called Culinary Capers and she has been teaching since 1994 after giving up her legal practice.

Since 1994 Culinary Capers has been doing many different activities all related to culinary pursuits. 
Just to give a few examples:
- culinary team building programmes for corporate companies as part of their human resource training
- working  with travel,  convention & event management companies to organise market tours, & cooking lessons for tourist groups, spouse cooking programmes for MICE conference delegates at her place.

However she's now seeking to bring Culinary Capers to a different level.

Malaysian food is great but we cannot deny that it is not the healthiest of food & the fact that we are the most obese country in South East Asia is testimony to that fact. She's very much into health food & food combinations for a healthy lifestyle she has devised ways of eating where she thought she can still have all her favourite foods but not put on the extra pounds and it is this message which she wants to convey to people in Malaysia & globally as well.
In that connection she has come up with a new concept of cooking called Healthy Cooking & Living.

So here's the class.

Ms Geeta in class.

 The menu of the day:
Starter : Muhammara (Roasted Red pepper Spread with Crispy Lavash Bread)

Salad 1 : Quinoa, Sprouted Grains & Mixed Veg Salad

Salad 2 : Mesclun Greens with Gingerflower, Mint & Peanuts served with Thai dressing
Mains : Spicy Ciliantro steamed Lemon Sole in Banana Leaf

Basmathi ( Long Grained ) Spinach & Spring Onion Rice

Dessert : Buckwheat & Quinoa Crepe with Caramelised Bananas in Cinnamon Sauce 

It was a superb starter or snack. The spread was so yummy, I personally think that it's a good alternative for salsa dip.

 Ms Geeta showing us how to prepare the red pepper.

 Preparing the fish dish.
We had a try on folding the banana leaves then it's ready for steaming.

 Next: Spinach rice. The rice was soaked overnight.

Rice in the making.

Quinoa, Sprouted Grains & Mixed Veg Salad, my favourite of all.

We were also being taught on the food presentation.

Herbs in Ms Geeta's garden that is fresh to be used in cooking.

Mesclun Greens with Gingerflower, Mint & Peanuts served with Thai dressing.

Ready to serve.

Basmathi ( Long Grained ) Spinach & Spring Onion Rice.
Beautiful, isn't it? :)

Buckwheat & Quinoa Crepe with Caramelised Bananas in Cinnamon Sauce.
A great dessert to end our class.

I am so lucky to have to chance to dine with a group of wonderful ladies, and the healthy yet oh-so-delicious food, I love it!

Thanks for the recipe and I'll definitely learn to make them. :)

Learn to prepare the healthy meal in her cosy yet funtional kitchen overlooking pool and greens.

The other activities are actually fun activities catering more to foreigners in Malaysia who wish to quickly acclimatize themselves with  Malaysian food & culture in a lighthearted way.
 Ms Geeta has also organized their first trip to India which is coming soon.

Other than that, she also has healthy meal service which I will elaborate in my next blog entry.
Stay tune.

For those interested in her activities, Ms Geeta can be reached on her cell ( 012 2186656 ) between 9am-6 pm every day.


  1. I attended this class last Saturday! Absolutely delicious AND nutritious too!!! Interesting techniques, new ingredients, lovely people! Thank you Geeta!!