Tuesday, April 8, 2014

FIQS Gastronomy, SS19

A rather new addition to Subang food paradise -FIQS Gastronomy in SS19.

Such an exciting open kitchen where you can hear how they place and receive orders, the talking between chefs and helpers, and I overheard a chef yelling "don't panic!" after receiving a long order.

We sat at al-fresco area, where the big kitchen takes a huge part of the indoor, hence limited tables inside.
We thought the dining sets are too huge and not easy to move around when need to be shifted.
Maybe they can remain the tables and change to other matching chairs.

FIQ mojito on the left, with mint and lime; The hangover on the right, with sliced cucumber.
RM11 each.

Roasted gnocchi, a starter. (RM18)
It is soft and doesn't taste like what we thought it should be. We thought it's supposed to be al-dente.
Anyway, it wasn't bad pairing with ricotta cheese.

We were coming for this -risotto!
Mushroom risotto is not in the menu. We initially asked for spinach risotto but to take away the chicken meat. The staff suggested mushroom risotto for meatless one.
Well, we were, again, didn't expect the rice to be half cooked. And then we were told this is the authentic way to eat risotto.
I guess we just had cultural/gourmet shock, haha!
We were like having an Italian food lesson that night. ;P

Here's ravioli a.k.a. Italian dumplings. (RM25)
There's broth inside. Chenyee said it's like chinese Xiao long bao. Lol.
My first try of ravioli, and it's not a bad experience. :)

I'll have to try more authentic Italian food in the future to compare then.
But so far, the dining experience was an eye opening one.
Just that, I still felt hungry after the dinner haha.

FIQS Gastronomy
No. 34 Jalan SS19/1D
47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 03-5613 0473

Tuesday to Sunday

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