Saturday, December 12, 2015

Anak Kulim Eatery & Gallery, Kulim

We opted for kampung road instead of highway driving from Sungai Petani to Kulim just to visit this small cafe in Kulim town. It's run by 3 siblings who are also, obviously, anak Kulim.

I admire their courage and passion to rebuild the space which was abandoned.
I'm sure they took a lot of effort to do that, good news for the residents (as well as outsiders) to have a nice space like that to visit and enjoy. 

This is a really nice corner. I could sit there for hours gazing into the space. 

 The food served here are from their family recipes.
I like my lotus leaf rice, and my dad enjoyed the Black Forest chicken rice too.

I was amazed at how fluffy the cotton cheese cake could be, while my mom preferred the passionfruit cheese cake.

I could spend longer time here if I had a book.
They were playing 2V1G's CD during our visit which my mom loves the song list very much.

Photos below were taken with expired film, hence the underexposed and grainy effect.

 I enjoyed the stillness when I was hanging around in this backyard space, so much of serenity.

66A, Jalan Raya,

Tuesdays to Saturdays 12pm-8pm
Sundays 12pm-6pm

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