Friday, July 1, 2016

What did I eat at Hurdal Ecovillage

First of all, I was blessed with some of the nicest food from Kjøkkenhagen.
These are sweet buns from the cafe.

And this is my favourite! The cinnamon bun.

My first breakfast in the ecovillage was bread from the cafe too.
The mutligrain and the gluten-free bread slices. 

The lunch was prepared by Hugo, one of the wwoofers.
All of us will have to take turn to cook lunch within one hour. No fancy lunch, just something good and nutritious to fill up tummies of the hungry farmers.
I always love vegetables, so I had no complain.

 I prepared the lunch on the first weekend.

 It was Norway national day.
Davy, our friend living in the village on the hill cooked a fish dish with vegetables.
He brought some flat bread too, which I love them so much he gave me the rest of them. Haha!

We were some lucky ones to be able to dine in at Davy's.
He prepared one wholesome pot of brown rice and quinoa with fish and vegetables. 

 The first meal with rice at work.
With some grilled vegetables and salad.

It's horse shoe cake.
I was told the shape means good luck, but with a 'U' and not an 'n'. 

Pancake day! It was fluffy and good to go with peanut butter and jam. 

One of the wwoofers, Marcin form Poland, cooked polenta for lunch.
I only had polenta once in Malaysia, now I know how to cook them.
I shall try on my own.

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