Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Haikara Style Cafe and Bakery, SS15

After window shopping at Empire Gallery on last Monday, we went to this Japanese cafe which I got to know from a friend.
(check out her blog's entry)

Oh too bad, they are closed on Mondays~

On Deepavali holiday, we went there again.
To avoid disappointment again, I called to make sure they're open. XD
 We chose to sit near to the counter.
That's the male owner 'repairing' their broken menus. 

They have a lot of Japanese magazines at a corner.
Fresh orange juice (RM6) ordered by my sis was served.

Their homemade bread and dessert corner.

Mixed salad, RM12 -tuna, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, egg mayo, cabbage, cucumber and lettuce.
Fresh ingredient, and very Japanese style.

 Arrabiata pasta, RM17, with homemade mushroom soup and bread.
It's vege style, and the spicy tomato sauce is nice! 
My sis was about to ask for another bread to go with it, haha~

My sumiyaki coffee RM6, comes with a milk in a tiny stainless steel pot.

Green tea flavoured eclair, RM4.
It's a little bit sweet, but still a nice bite.
However the mocha roll (RM5.50) tasted just normal, nothing surprised me.

I was attracted by this textured creation, called Nippon (RM4.80), which means Japan.
It's green tea flavoured bread with imported sugared bean.
The bread skin is a bit chewy (I know it looks like crunchy one), and the inner is soft.

At the background is bread loaf or they called it shokupan, which is on promotional price (RM4).
They claimed their homemade bread has no artificial colour, no preservative, and only natural ingredients are used. We are advised to consume it within 2 days, after that it needs to be refrigerated.
It's soft and fluffy, we love it!


  1. why the skin o the bread so special? Dot Dot....

  2. because of the pattern on the steel mould they use to bake the bread. ;)