Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Food fest weekend!

I was thinking to have lunch with my ex-housemates last Saturday, then Ms Chew suggested to have steamboat at my place.
It's been quite some times I didn't have steamboat, and I don't like eat-out steamboat.
So okay let's do it!

I bought some organic vegetables from Justlife and some fishballs and minced pork from Cold Storage (I knew N wouldn't like food without pork! ;P) on Friday night.

Seems like the food is not enough for 5, Ms Chew and I went to Tesco on Saturday evening to buy more.
We had food fest kinda lunch at Ikano too.

Ms Chew bought Indian rojak and fried chicken chop, I bought nasi lemak, kuih and soy milk.
We were so full that I had to bring home the kuih.

By the time we went back to my place was already near 6pm.
Ms Chew helped me to prepare vegetables and french fries, meanwhile I prepared the soup base and made wantan.
Within only one hour, we were ready.

We had radish, carrot and shiitake mushroom in the soup to bring out the sweetness.

We were again so full that night, along with sparkling juice brought by MW and her boyfriend.
And the weather was cooling too with breeze keep blowing. 
Nice. =)

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