Thursday, August 4, 2011

New in town: The Dining Cafe -p.a.t.h. , Sungai Petani

I'm so happy to see a nice little cafe in my hometown.
It's operated by husband & wife team coming back for good from Japan.
And coincidentally, we shared the same primary school and we have some mutual friends too.

When I was back in hometown last 2 weeks, I went to have a visit.

这次多多推荐在家乡小镇新开的小店. The Dining Cafe -p.a.t.h.

 Fruit tea in a pot水果茶, RM8.90; matcha latte绿茶那铁, RM7.90; matcha cheese cake绿茶奶酪蛋糕, RM5.90.
Everything's so good!
Chenyee even said claimed the latte is better than the one available in a famous chain store.

 Sparked by ideas. :)

 Japanese style fried chicken 日式炸鸡块, RM5.80.

You can sit and chat with the owner here.

 Mural painting by the owner.

日式的风格和小吃, 因为两夫妻都是在日本居住多年后所累积的态度.
来到店里,用心的品尝他们的用心, 再和他们聊聊天, 让我觉得我也可以完成自己的梦想.

The Dining Cafe -p.a.t.h.
No.32, Lorong 17, Taman Patani Jaya, 08000 Sungai Petani, Malaysia.

营业时间 12.00-23.00 (周二休息 closed on Tuesday)


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