Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rampo Cafe, Nippori

It's been 4 months away since my Tokyo trip, but I haven't post much about the food I had there.

Here is one of the cafes I'd visited, which is situated in Nippori 日暮里.
I got to know about this cafe from a book by a Taiwanese blogger.
I like this town so much, so cosy and relaxing.
Too bad I couldn't find the textile area, which is one of the features of the town.

After walking around inside Nippori town, I had no idea where to find this cafe, even with a illustration map in the book.
But I always believe in  communicating with the locals to get the right info.
So even I couldn't speak proper Japanese and the locals could only understand minimal english, we still manage to communicate.
Japanese are mostly friendly, I can say. :)

The lane I visited. Quite a lot of tourists here.

So an obasan pointed me the direction to the cafe, I started to walk inside the neighbourhood.

It was a long stretch of road, passing the quiet residential area.
Finally, I saw the logo of the cafe.

A new shop opening in a few days time on the left.
Rampo the cafe on the right.

 The cafe. A lot of wooden furniture, a lot of cat theme decor.
Also an art exhibition by a local artist.

Americano and toast with blueberry jam.

The cute young lady staff, the only staff other than the old man owner.

I will definitely pay a visit to the town again if I got the chance to revisit Tokyo.

 2-9-14 Yanaka 
(tel. 03/3828-9494)

"a cozy coffee shop packed with knickknacks, kitsch, and folk art. It offers soft drinks, coffee, and beer; jazz plays softly in the background. Open every day except Monday from 10am to 8pm."
-info from Frommers

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