Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brunch @ The Haute Food Co.

While sw and I had more flexible time before sw accepted a new job, we decided to meet up for brunch on a weekday.
I was like squeezing time out of site supervision work and meeting suppliers on that day, but I thought it was fun! haha~
But luckily, we had enough quality time to enjoy our meal and chit-chat.

It's a cozy and tiny cafe in Plaza Damas.

We both had cappuccino that day, too bad the coffee was too hot and we had to leave it for some times to sip. It was a bit watery to my liking too.

My tomato and cheese omelette with toast; sw's chicken ham & cheese croissant with side salad.
The food was great!

I saw the almond croissant at the counter when we were leaving.
It looked so good that I had to grab one (RM6.90).
It was really delicious! Yum~

The Haute Food Co.
Unit H-0-2 Block H, 
Plaza Damas, 
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, KL.
tel: 03-62013168


  1. The croissant look big, is it?

    1. you mean the almond one? you check out the left photo, at the bottom left.
      for me, it's at normal size, but the right photo sure looks big from here. hehe~