Thursday, September 13, 2012

DAMDAM -Curry.Pasta&Bap

I'm not done with Seoul food yet. :)

Here's one small dining place hiding in an alley of Hongdae area.

 Our table facing the garden and these cute decor items.

 A very small cafe.

This was an odd time for dining as it was about 4 something in the evening. We were hungry already as we had porridge for early lunch.
We wanted to order only 3 main course to share among 5 of us, but we weren't allowed to do so.
Each of us had to order at least a side dish.

Well, we're ok with that as long as the food is nice and more food to taste, why not? ;)

 Salad, 3000won. It was a fresh and I like the sauce.

 Pollack roe (mentaiko as in Japanese) pasta for 8000won.
 Pork cutlet masala curry rice, 8500won.
I'll never expect a good curry from Korean, but this was a very nice one!
Maybe because they were using spices for Indian curry, hence the authentic flavour of the masala curry and it's indeed very spicy. We love it!

And now I miss it. ;P  

 Side dishes as always for Korean food.

 Another curry rice but this is with mushroom. 7500won.
It's the same type of curry, so do expect the spiciness level to be the same as the pork cutlet one.

 Bacon pizza for 6500won.

 Here to show you how good the food was. ;P

Bar area seat.

We are happy to choose the right dining area among the oh-so-a-lot-of-nice-cafes Hongdae area.

서울시 마포구 상수동 312-4
(Dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul Sangsu 312-4)
Tel: 070-8848 - 2595