Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hand grinder for home barista

I have a coffee bean grinder, finally. :)

Actually I have no idea which brand or what type of grinder I should invest, so I just bought it from Coffee Famille -my favourite cafe. I trust their selection.

 So this is the one I've got from them.
When I showed a coffee lover friend of my latest collection, I was told that this is a good one, and he has the same one too. 
Glad to hear that. :D

 I adjusted a few times for the grinding burrs to get the right grind for my dripper.
I have none other grinder to compare with, but I think it works fine for me.
One thing is the ground part will sometimes 'jump off' from the top. I thought off making a cover to prevent that. But anyway, it's not a big issue.

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