Thursday, November 15, 2012

More visits to Greenlicious

I visited Greenlicious for a few times after my first visit in August this year.

Basil fried rice with mushroom nugget and salad, RM13.90.
My order, tasted so-so and nothing to shout about.

Vege roll, RM9.90.

 Lei Cha King, RM15.90.
Chenyee compliments a lot on this!
She had this again during our last visit. :)

 Nasi lemak with sambal petai & mushroom nuggets, RM15.90.

 Indo curry chicken with rice. (RM14.90)
The curry was awesome!

On another day, we dropped by for lunch.

 Tou fu fa (with chia seed I think).

 Mushroom satay.

I had Hokkaido miso ramen. It comes with tou fu fa and mushroom satay (pictures above), 
It's set lunch at RM25.90.

Nasi lemak again but this time with organic fried chicken, RM16.90.
Love the assorted side dishes~


  1. what is the roll thingy? Looks interesting~

    1. Ops I skipped that one~ it's vege roll with seaweed and hor fun like skin.
      Yummy yet healthy snack.