Monday, November 26, 2012

t-break Danish, Tesco Mutiara Damansara

There are a lot of new tenants since this Tesco outlet reopened a few months ago.
Good to know that Madam Lim and Santai Kitchen remain.

And one of the newbies that excites me is t-break. 
They sell pastries as well as meal.

 I was attracted by the cute danishes nicely displayed at the entrance.
I was told by the lady boss (I supposed) that their danishes are so good that I would come back for them.
Sounds inviting, but I was in a hurry that I couldn't dine in, so I bought 2 to try.
 Apple danish.
The first bite already won me over!
It's very fresh too.

 This almond one as good too.
And yeah, I don't mind to eat these again. :)

My second visit was to try their meals on menu.

 Cappuccino, not the type I prefer, but ok la.

 Mushroom pie. Looks appetizing. :)

However, the taste was not up to my expectation.
It was a bit dry and not freshly made to order.
I guess it's readily made earlier and just sent to oven before served.

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