Saturday, March 15, 2014

Delicious Detox Delivery KL, D7 Sentul

I walked into the studio by chance when I was in D7 Sentul. The glass door was opened and I saw some photos inside. 

Then a lady sitting in the lounge invited me to come in when I asked her. It's actually a design firm gallery sharing a unit with a raw food kitchen. 

Carina, the co-founder of Delicious Detox Delivery KL told me about them, showed me their kitchen and even let me do the tasting!

Raw buckwheat bread also contains flax seeds.
They have a dehydrating machine in the kitchen to help besides the effort of the lovely lady chef, Ms Azeb.

 Chocolate truffles, definitely looking delicious!

 Raw carrot cookies.
Tasted like raw energy bar that I tried before, got the fruity sweetness I like.

As the name suggested, they do delivery in Klang Valley area of raw food made from their kitchen.
Check out their fb page or website for more info.

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  1. Thank you Chia Yee for visiting us and mentioning us on your blog :) Hope to see you soon again!