Sunday, June 8, 2014

EAT LAH Coffee Gathering, Coffee Famille

This is my first time selling homemade food.
Thanks to Coffee Famille for inviting me to join the gathering.

Organic chickpea cooked with wakame and dried chilli.
I made chilled one.
One of our favourite snack too.

 I learn to make bread because I eat bread (almost) everyday.
This is my favourite recipe so far, rolled oat brown bread.
I'm proud to say that all ingredients are organic.

Vege & plum Onigiri 

Project C by myBurgerLab.
The desserts are all looking lovely.

Chriss' creative bruschetta, with dry curry chicken and sliced pineapple.

Homemade lychee jam by the same person who made onigiri.

Mint chocolate brownie and pecan cupcake by Project C.


  1. Are the pineapple & curry chicken went well together?

    1. I didn't try, but I think should be good. Cos pineapple curry is delicious haha~