Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bread baking class -e5 Bakehouse

I got to know about e5 Bakehouse through a list of bakeries provided by a friend when she got to know I was going to Europe.
Browsing the webpage and found out about the baking class, I got interested in their bread baking class. I registered for it after considering that I had a loose plan and could fit it in.

 I went for a Thursday class which was the second I arrived in London.
Finding it was quite easy as the bakehouse is just right beneath the railway.
So you could feel and hear the train passing in the building. ;)

 I left hostel earlier to this bakehouse, so I was the first to arrive for the class.

 All ingredients, weighting scale, apron and scrapper were prepared for us.

 Breakfast -bread and coffee/tea for us.

We were going to make 4 types of bread -ciabata, rye bread, hackney bread and bagels.

Lunch was awesome! Roasted squash, cheese, pickles, etc.

I was so happy to polish clean the bowl of kale soup!
Got so excited that the photo was blur, haha~

After some hours of kneading and touring the bakehouse, here we were served tea time.
My lunch wasn't really digested yet, but the desserts were looking so good that I couldn't resist but to indulge.

Our instructor Pete introduced some good bread books too besides telling us some how and why about baking.

Our rye bread looking great!

Here's our bread!
That's our resourceful instructor Pete on the left.
The rest were my classmates. :)

We were given the scrapper and starters for us to bake at home. Pete also welcomes us with questions by writing in or just walk in to meet them.

It was a fruitful class, and I enjoyed it very much.

Happy baking!

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