Monday, August 24, 2015

Nara Kitchen & Co, Damansara Uptown

A clean and bright space with a huge one piece glass window to welcome sunlight, I know this is a place that I would enjoy much.

Before I came, I saw their fb page mentioning about serving organic food.
After checking with the staff, I was told that some of their ingredients are organic and most of them are sourced naturally.

I took quite some time to browse their menu (although it's only a one page thing) as it's interesting and I had a hard time to choose what to have.

I had mocktail -Secret Garden.  (RM15+)
That's sliced grapefruit with sliced cucumber and edible flowers swimming in apple juice.
I thought it's a little pricey for the ingredients used, but I will just treat it as paying for the presentation and experience. :)

Soup of the day (cauliflower soup) and bread of the day (brioche). (RM17+)
Apart from being a little too salty for the soup, everything else was good.
They dropped some truffle oil in the soup, that was nice as I always smell my food first before I eat.

Looks like they will have more freshly baked bread and pastry in the future. Good~

Nara Kitchen & Co.
61, SS21/1A, 
47400 Petaling Jaya.

8am to 4pm on weekdays
8am to 6pm on weekends

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