Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kjøkkenhagen, Norway

I was a lucky wwoofer (check wwoof) when I was accepted to do my 3-week stint at Hurdal Ecovillage in Norway last month. Not only I got to work in the organic farm, I had the chance to work in this lovely cafe, Kjøkkenhagen, as well.

 I love the blue door!

The building used to be part of a school. The cafe took over the space after the school moved. 

I had a lot of cinnamon buns there! They are very very good~ 

They have gluten free bread as well, probably the best gluten free bread I had so far.


Every Wednesday is buffet day, from 4pm to 7pm. 

We are allowed to have everything in the cafe when we are working.
I had sandwich and coffee during a small break.
The bun is lovely and it's a favourite for many of us.
You knew it when it's always the first to be gone whenever leftovers from the cafe sent to wwoofers' common kitchen. ;P

Another wwoofer from France, Chloe, helping to make takeaway pizzas. 
They serve gluten free pizza too.

Ellen, our beloved manager, making pizza next to the firewood oven. 
That is where the amazingly delicious pizzas come from.

I got to taste this rhubarb cake before I left.
As the raw rhubarb is sour, I was curious with the cake.
Well, it's nice!

Lucky for me that I had the chance to see The Bumblebees to perform live in the cafe.
I watched their rehearsal before, so I know that they are good. 
I know the audience enjoyed as much as me. :)

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