Friday, November 18, 2011

Lavender -L. table, 1 Utama

It's been awhile that me and Mw had meal together.
So when she called up to date me for lunch on a weekday, I was promptly agreed to that, and after a few thought, we decided to meet up in 1 Utama.

We were wondering where to eat, so we just walked and walked until we saw this.

We had a quick look at the menu and made our decision to dine in within 2 seconds. ;P

 We were presented with newspaper-like menu.

 They even have wine collection.

 It's great to bring in sunlight in a shopping mall lot.

 Seeing the front entrance, also with pastry corner there.

 My cappuccino and mw's latte as background.

 My portobello mushroom burger, the best that I had so far.
The mushroom was being fried, so it's crunchy at the outside, but still maintaining the juiciness of the mushroom. I love it!

Mw's tuna and avocado sandwich. Also tasted good with the toasted foccacia.
Don't be fooled by the portion, Mw already feel full before she could finish it.

The price is on a higher range as for a cafe cum bakery.
Nonetheless, it's no doubt that the ambiance is great and the food we had was great too.

G213, Ground Floor,
One Utama Shopping Centre.
Tel :03 7728 6933


  1. Yammi..Thought of paying a visit this weekend.

  2. Heard that the prices are quite high...

  3. water to wine: yes, it's yummy indeed.

    choi yen: yes it is. but luckily the food was up to the standard.