Monday, November 28, 2011

Onde-onde, Waterfront @ Park City (invitation)

A big thanks to Onde-onde's manager, Mr Syed, for inviting me for the food review.
I didn't think twice to accept the invitation as I love Nyonya food! :)

Being a local cafe-like restaurant, there will be hot kopi to serve. RM2.50.
It's from a traditional family roaster from Ipoh whom Onde-onde had specially sourced for.

As the restaurant name suggested, they serve nyonya style food, including nyonya kuih.
Here they have assorted kuih to serve fresh everyday.

Japanese cucumber sour plum juice being served to KH, RM5.90.
She loves this refreshing drink very much!
That's kuih koci on the right, RM2.50 per box. 

Angku kuih, available both in red and purple. RM2.50
Since we had kopi, why not we go with toast?
Yes, it's your kopitiam style grilled toast, but it's with homemade duck egg kaya & butter, RM2.80.
Special, right? :)

This is one of our favourite  - Penang style chee cheong fun with har gou, RM6.90.
I always try to unfold everything (yes, I know I'm weird) when having the chee cheong fun roll.
But for this, need no more to do that, as it's flat one!
And the sambal is great too if you love it to be spicy~

For assam laksa lovers, here's something for you!
Their signature assam laksa (RM9.90) with thick gravy, almost-translucent noodles and spicy & sour enough to make you droll~

Not forgetting one of the famous Penang food - Prawn mee a.k.a. Hokkien mee also served here, RM9.90.

How does this sound -special fried rice + nyonya curry laksa combo for RM15.90?
A great deal to taste different food in a set, and also an easier choice for sharing with your companion(s). Also included in the combo is 'muah chi', 'bangkuang char' and otak-otak popiah to taste.

Sago Gula Melaka, RM4.90.
It's always my first choice as dessert whenever I'm in Nyonya food restaurant.

Last but not least, the star of the restaurant is here!

Attention to all durian lovers:
It's the signature Onde-onde durian cendol (RM7.90)!
If you think this is huge enough, mind you that the actual portion is much bigger.
Just check out the previous photo for the black bowl which is used for nyonya curry laksa.
THAT's the size.

And the real (YES!) and fresh durian flesh is served here. 

Some other kuih and paste selling in Onde-onde too.
I bought Kapitan curry paste (RM5.90) as I couldn't resist the nice smell of it.
Yeah I love curry!

Onde Onde
GF-03A Ground Floor,
Waterfront @ ParkCity 5
Persiaran Residen,

Desa Park City, 52200

Kuala Lumpur.
Tel & Fax : 03-6280 7419

Christmas is approaching and you can definitely feel it in Waterfront @ Parkcity!
The decor is up already, do come here to have a walk after having a great meal at Onde-onde.


  1. I receive the invitation too but didn't go :P
    I've try the asam laksa but I felt is lack of the distinctive flavors :(

  2. choiyen: i'm not a fan of assam laksa and hokkien mee, so can't really comment on that. ;P
    but i like the noodles for assam laksa though~