Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bonjour Garden, Dataran Sunway

I was passing by this nice little glass house last month and wondering what was it, I slowed down and realised it's a bakery.
Yey for me as I'm a fan of bread ma~

So after a few days I purposely drove here to visit this bakery.

 And surprise, they even have a cafe!

 Chocolate chips and custard filling bun.

Also tried the multigrain bread.

* * *

On the next visit with friends, we had lunch there.

 We chose to sit at a garden bench-like seat (but with room for legs, luckily) beside water feature.
Some lighting fixture.

Their serving style are like Marche, which you will be given a plastic envelope and when you make order, they will hand you the print out receipt. So you collect the receipt in the envelope.
Not so environmental friendly, huh? 

 My cappuccino, a bit too watery for me. Quite bland.

However, the cold drinks look refreshing! 

 Michelle's Aglio olio with seafood. Quite bland and a bit oily.

 Beef steak with cheese, quite a big portion. It was a good one, commented by other friends.

 As the food took some time to come, we had some breads first.

 My order: small margarita pizza. I thought the cheese was not burnt enough.
That's CKL's flat white at the back, which was quite good for her.

 My order too, small portion of mushroom aglio olio.
Nice! Agreed by the others too. 

 Choiyen's Caesar salad.

 Beef burger. Looks good, but I don't take beef so I didn't get a taste.

Last but not least, a slice of cake for the celebrated member, CKL for her birthday.
Such a sinful chocolate cake!

Bonjour Garden Bakery Cafe
Central Park Building, 
Jalan PJU 5/7, Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya. 
Tel: 03-61407587


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