Monday, June 4, 2012

Food from Jing Si Books & Cafe

I used to be quite active in Tzu Chi when I was studying in university.
Being a part of them had made me a better person. I believe. :)

They have a few Jing Si Books & Cafe(s) in PJ/KL area nowadays.
I've visited Puchong and Kelana Jaya ones, but I've yet to go to Tropicana City Mall outlet.

We bought biscuits and noodles, even instant noodles which is my sister's favourite.

 Here's brown sugar thin crackers, RM6 per box.
It's dairy-free.

It's thin and crunchy, with nice fragrance of brown sugar.

Pumpkin noodles, RM13 per pack.

 Some description and facts about the noodles in Chinese.

 This is the way my sis cooked it, with siew pak choy, carrot, wolfberries and dang gui.
Healthy and delicious!