Monday, July 30, 2012

JASS Roastery Coffee House, Seoul

We were walking towards Insadong from Gwanghwamun when we turned right into this small lane to check out what do they have.

I paused at this cafe to take photos and thought "hey, why not we get in to have a drink" as the weather was quite hot.

So we were greeted by this roasting machine once we entered the cafe.
I supposed the only guy in the cafe is the owner, he's rather shy and soft spoken.

After ordering, we explored this cute little cafe.

A corner with soft toys.
Look at the big bear behind!

The seats.

Here's another big bear lazying at the book corner.

Iced americano and iced matcha latte.

My affogato (7000won). Very nice indeed. And I could finally taste a good espresso too!

The menu, and the owner is into Wanting's songs too. :)

A few bags of coffee beans waiting to be roasted.

*I'm waiting for my sis to translate the Korean words on the receipt.
I can't read a single Korean word hence not much info on this cafe. >.<


  1. Cool! but the combination of kopi luwak and Brazil Cerrado.... is a bit funny.

  2. Doesn't look like opened by a guy, so many soft toys :P

    1. maybe he's just a barista, as just got to know there's another outlet somewhere in Seoul too. :)