Thursday, July 26, 2012

Market O Real Brownie

We saw this brownie in supermarkets and airport shops in Seoul.
It seems like a popular item and we thought why not get a box to try.

 It's a pretty packaging, isn't it? :)
I bought this at a discount price from a shop in MyeongDong for 2700won.

There's only 4 individual packs inside with different packaging design.

And it was really good for a ready pack one!
Oh my, now I'm a little regret that I didn't try it there first then buy more.

So if you wanna get me something from Korea, you know what to get right~ (evil grin)

Check out their interesting website, which only I found that they also have a restaurants.
Too bad that I can't understand Korean as their page only has limited English words.
I can only roughly understand that they stressed on fresh and natural ingredients in their production.

I bought this chocolate from a weekend market near Cheonggyecheon Stream.
It's really mini for a pack of 8 pieces.
I think it's about 3000won. By the way, it's fairtrade.
I love dark chocolate for its bitterness, but this one is still too sweet to me.


  1. I saw many people recommended the brownie as souvenir from Korea~

    1. Really? I didn't do much research. Too bad I only get the smallest box~