Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seoul Farmers' Market, Gwanghwamun Park

We were lucky to bump into Seoul Farmers' Market when we were there last 2 weeks.

 Welcoming us was a bunch of youngsters in high spirit, introducing us their products.
But they spoke Korean to us until we acknowledged that we're tourists.
They were surprised and paused for a while, then continued to tell us about their stuffs in simple English.
I admire their passion!

 The stall next to the youngsters' was selling many types of grains.
Barley and wheat are among them.

 Then we saw gimbap!
And it's vegetarian one, nice~

 Here's how they prepare.

 Simply delicious!

We also visited this stall selling organic fruits.
We've got organic plum at 15,000won per box, approx. 12 plums.

We enjoyed the plums while sitting in Gwanghwamun Square.
It's sweet and juicy!

 This uncle selling his own rice.
See there's a portrait on the packaging? That's him.

This young man is selling potatoes, onions and some other ready products.

 Heart shape potato! <3

 Stalls with handwritten banners~
This is my first time seeing garlic like this!
Next to them are pumpkins.

I saw this cute van parking a little far away from the market.
I was curious and walk nearer to see what were they selling.

So it's shit-like-shape delicacy using the mould, like takoyaki.
They were still preparing the batter when I approached them.
This sweet looking gal was selling her handmade accessories.
See the headband, necklace and wristlet on her? These are all her own creation made from fabric scrap. :)
Fy and I got her necklaces while chenyee bought the ring.

When we were about to leave the market, we saw these ajuma selling some kind of roll.
They looked delicious, so we thought we might as well had a try.

It was really good, and very spicy too! Even my mom who can really take spicy food also thought it's super spicy~

This Korean blogger knows better than me about the market, do refer her blog post for more info. :)