Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Homecook: Bibimbap & tokbokki

We love Korean food.
But not the BBQ meat part, though.
Maybe it's because of the spiciness and amount of vegetables used in their cuisine.

We bought the chilli paste to cook tokbokki at home.
Then I found this freshly made tokbokki / Korean rice cake at a Korean mart in Sri Hartamas.

 It was super nice, soft yet springy!
No weird smell or harder texture in the centre.
Really a lot nicer than the factory-packed one in the chiller.

Then one night fy wanna make bibimbap.
We put in any vegetables left in the fridge, also added in sesame and the chilli paste.

 Simply mix everything up.

Ready to serve!
It's hard not to have a thumb up for this~ :)


  1. I love your version of bibimbap. Simple and healthy.

    1. Thanks! Bibimbap is my favourite Korean food.

  2. Wow....Looks Nice!!
    Me too..Love the korean food! :P
    Perhaps will try to cook it myself one day.
    Will the stuff expensive?

    1. Hello gal! Thanks hehe~
      Bibimbap is truly an easy meal to prepare, and not expensive.
      As long as you have vege at home, I only buy the korean chilli paste and mix up everything with rice and eat. :)

  3. Thx for the ideas!! :P Yeah,& it can make us fully use of the leftover veges as well..No waste ma..
    Thanks :)