Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PlateCulture -Mauritian homecook dinner

Thanks to PlateCulture for the invitation, I had the chance to enjoy Mauritian home cook dinner in KL city!

It was a raining evening. While I was on my way to the host's place, I was also busy thinking about Mauritian food. I wonder how it's like as I never had before.

Our host, Shiksa, is staying in Bangsar.
When we reached at her place, she's still preparing food.
I had a peek inside her kitchen- She's working on a bowl of batter for fritter and there's a plate of mixed vegetables on the table. I thought they are quite like Asian food.
The pretty Mauritian host, Shiksa, busy preparing homecook meal for us.

A lovely message on the fridge. :)

The appetizer.

Cauliflower Fritters: Gato Salé
A great snack to kick start the dinner.
We didn't take long time to clear it. ;)

This chilli sauce (la sauce piment) is like Malaysian sambal, can go with anything you like.
It's made of chilli, lemon and green apples.
We even mixed it with the rice.
 Red Lentil & Fish Soup: Dal
We were told that they usually make plain one but she added fish this time.
Because of the lentil, we thought it tasted a bit like gravy for roti canai.
It's certainly a soup to warm us (and stomach) on a rainy night.

The amazing people behind PlateCulture -Audra and Reda.
They are both Lithuanians.

Shiksa's cooking vegetables for the upside down rice.
Why upside down? Stay tune.

A fried egg to be made into the best circle shape for each plate of rice.

With a egg on the base of the bowl, scoop in the chicken and vegetables and followed by the rice.
Lastly, cover the bowl with a serving plate.

Performing the upside down stunt.

Upside down rice (Bol Renverser) in Mauritian style. Just like the Chinese braised rice 烩饭.
I love rice. This is one-plate-dish that could easily feed me well for a meal.
I finished EVERYTHING. :)

We were so full already but that's not the last dish yet.
Don't forget we still have dessert yet to be served.

Strawberry Flavoured Dessert: Alouda
It's a popular drink at street stalls and markets, Shiksa told us.
Ice cream, milk and jelly are the key ingredients.

All of us (all girls, mind you ;P ) agrees that we always leave a space for dessert no matter how full we already are. We even joked that we must be having a different compartment in the stomach just for dessert. Hehe.

I'm glad to be there with the girls and I was certainly having a great time at Shiksa's place.

Thanks again to PlateCulture and of course the wonderful host, Shiksa for having us over at her lovely place and delicious food.
Great food and great people -a great combination.

About PlateCulture:

"The idea of PlateCulture was born from the desire to create and share the best unique travel experience (read more).
Here we open for you the opportunity to experience what usually rushing tourism can't offer - meet locals over home cooked meal and discover culture. Taste authentic food and meet locals."

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  1. Wow! After the look of these food pictures I feel hungry. But after the food I prefer coffee instead Strawberry Flavoured Dessert.

    Kopi Luwak