Sunday, July 21, 2013

Plants growing at our balcony

Staying in condominium unit means limited space for gardening.

But we still try to have some edible plants.

 Chenyee is growing brocolli again.
We ate some of the first batch, and tried to let them grow big.
They did grow to a certain size, but dried and died after the bad haze.

 Pandan is doing great!
We use it to cook rice everyday.
Smelling good everytime we cook.

And thankfully the curry leaves surviving and growing well too. :)


  1. We planted mint and rosemary before, but all died after awhile.....Thinking to replant some again.

    1. Those plants you had need delicate care. We used to have mint too, but after one week long cny holiday, it dried.
      Planning to get mint from a friend again to replant. ;P

  2. hahaha~ no problem ;)
    How's the avocado? growing well?

    1. Haha, I'll go 'pick' when I be there for basketball maybe?

      The avocado is still 'meditating' I guess. XD
      Still no sign of the root.