Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY yeast

I've been baking bread quite often recently, so I thought maybe I should challenge myself to make my own yeast.

So I did research online and found out this yeast water thing.
It's quite easy but takes time.

The easiest is using fruits, such as raisin.
 I couldn't get organic raisin, so I used blackcurrant instead.
Just soak them inside filtered water inside a glass jar.

After 2 days, they looked like this.

On the 4th or 5th day, all the fruits will afloat and producing bubbles (releasing gas I suppose).
So it's considered done then I put the jar into the fridge until when I need to use it to make dough.

I read that I should take the jar out from the fridge 1 hour before making the pre-fermented dough.
I'm still trying on that, and once I successfully made the bread out of this method, I shall share. 

Wish me luck! ;)

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