Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Breads from O Gourmet, BSC

I've been visiting BSC quite a lot lately.
One place that I'll check out is bakery area of O Gourmet.

This is blueberry muffin from them.
I had this as my breakfast on the next morning, still soft in texture. The blueberry is only the jam part, no real blueberry though.
On another visit, I bought this brown fruit bread loaf (RM7.90).

It contained a lot of raisins! 
I love the fruity part, but overall it's a bit hard for me.

I also had mushroom strudel (RM4.20). 
No photo as I ate it on the spot.
It looked hardy to me, but surprisingly it's not so, and it's nice with the fragrant and texture of mushroom!

O Gourmet is located on the ground floor (east wing concourse area) of Bangsar Shopping Centre. 

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