Sunday, April 24, 2011

Justlife Momentary Cafe @Sunway Giza

It's momentary as the set-up is conjunction with the Earth Day Carnival at Sunway Giza.
That means the cafe will serve until today (Sunday) only.

 Organic apple, orange & mango juice (RM8.90).

 Organic zucchini pasta, RM13.90.
It's all raw food, means natural and uncooked.
And the special part is the pasta noodle is made of zucchini!

 Organic burger (RM18.90) is everything about veggie.
This is good! 

 My coffee (9.90), which they named it white coffee, is mixed with soy milk.
Good one too~
Organic nasi ulam (RM15.90).
The rice is ok, but Ms R didn't like the banana flower.

Here is about the carnival I saw.

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