Friday, April 29, 2011

Vivo, Tropicana City Mall

I visited Vivo in The Curve quite a few times, and this is the first time I visited their outlet in TCM.

I was with KH walking up and down to look for a place for our dinner during one Friday night last month.
Then I assured her that it won't be a bad idea to dine here. Settled. =)

I like Vivo as it offers a lot of choices, and quite a selection on meatless meal too.

Food we ordered are for sharing.
So we had creamy mushroom pasta (veggie).

 Oriental chicken pizza, thin crust in 10".
With Citibank credit card, we get a free dessert by ordering this.

 My cappuccino.

And we finished our dinner with dessert, volcanic chocolate with ice-cream. 
Very rich and aromatic chocolate indeed!
Seeing it flowing out of the cake, wouldn't it be just so tempting? ;P

We had a pleasant dinner with nice food that KH immediately ask for contact at the counter.
So she brought her colleagues for lunch after that, and she told me that everyone was enjoying their meal here.

So they have quite a lot of branches:
p/s: We chatted from 8pm (our dinner time) to 3am (sleepover at my place) that night. Girls' talk can be that scary, we think we can go for sembang marathon already. haha..

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