Monday, May 23, 2011

Wholewheat bread and orange marmalade jam

I was trying to get bread loaf from mini market downstairs, but the rack was quite empty.
So I have to go to another market next to my apartment to get it.

When I was about to get the household brand one, I saw this wholewheat bread loaf.
It's written there 'rich in wheat bran, 100% brown sugar'.
Since I've never tried before, so I grabbed it.

I'm not sure if it's really healthier than other brand (the ingredients did sound healthier), the taste and texture are quite similar to those produced by bakery, but at the same price as the household brand's. They have more wheat in proportion, hence the rougher texture of the bread. The nice smell of wheat is also stronger.
I'm happy with my new finding.

This Homemade by Mel & Anne's orange marmalade jam was given to my mom by a neighbour.
The family couldn't stand the bitterness of the orange chunk. I think they were talking about the orange skin, maybe they put in whole orange in the process.

Yes, the jam is truly full of flavour and texture of orange (and the skin XD). I don't mind the bitterness, if fact I'm not a fan of sweet stuff. So I'm comfortable with the taste.

When I was thinking how homemade is this jam when the expiry date is in year 2013, then only I found out that 'Homemade' is the company name. -.-

Well, consumers are more conscious with healthy food nowadays, so a lot of production of food label as 'healthy', 'low sugar', 'homemade', etc.
We wouldn't know how true they are, so please be careful when selecting them, such as paying attention to their ingredients and also look out for the labels with *. Read them thoroughly and then make your choice.

Happy being healthy!

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