Thursday, May 5, 2011

New in town: Mbuji Cafe, Carrefour Subang

I was invited by Ivy to attend the coffee appreciation session organised by Mbuji Cafe.
I can bring along a friend, so I tagged along Koilee, also a coffee lover.

Mbuji, pronounced as boo-ji, is the name of a rock in Tanzania.
Hence the African style decoration in the cafe.


They were formerly situated in Sunway Giza, but now they had moved to Carrefour Subang.

 When you thought they are like those serve-coffee-and-cake-only cafe, then you are wrong.
Apart from coffee and cakes, they have all kinds of food, from local flavour to western food.

This plate of sweet desserts were served on each tables for us.
I'll tell you later what were they for.

A famous blogger, Mei Yee, shared the same table with us.
This is her order, mushroom soup.
It looks thick, isn't it?
Yes, it was very condensed.
Should be better if they make it slightly watery.

Quesadillas, tortilla with grilled chicken, cheese and onion inside.
I like this, a great snack I say.
Koilee's all day breakfast. 

Before my food came, the owner and the professional Barista told us stories about the cafe and coffee.

My aglio olio. I didn't get to taste the pasta immediately as we were busy listening to the stories and taking notes on that.
But the taste is still not bad, so I suppose it will taste great if serving warm.

After that, we got to look, smell and feel the coffee bean closely in different origins and grades.

We tasted the coffee in small glasses to learn how to differentiate their taste, like African coffee has full and consistent flavour while Columbia one has a strong shot at the beginning of the sip.

Between the tasting of different coffee, that's where the desserts are for -to neutralize our taste bud before we taste the next coffee.

After that, we added milk to some of the coffee to taste the difference.
Some coffee are well blended with milk, Some are not.
Coffee beans are sold here.
You can buy and request them to grind for you according to your brewing method and accessories, be it filter, moka pot or french press.

Coffee beans.

They also have set meal promotion now.

Thanks to Ivy for inviting to this event.
I've certainly gained more knowledge about coffee. =)

Find Mbuji Cafe in IOI Mall and Carrefou Subang.

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