Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Waterlily Bistro, Mutiara Tropicana

Since The Waterlily moved to Mutiara Tropicana, I'd never visited once.
I'd been to their Puchong outlet, which carried different menu from Bumbu Bali and Ole-ole Bali.
Actually I quite like their previous menu, more light food and cheaper too.

So I proposed to come here for our gathering for 2 reasons. One is just to pay a visit (at least I stepped into it XD), another reason is their food is meant for sharing. We had 4 people meeting up, so we can make order to share.

The Bali style interior.

First, we had Barley lemon drink in jug, RM18, for sharing.
We asked for less ice, but they came with a jug with half of it filled with ice. But good enough that the flavour haven't being diluted and it's very refreshing.

 Bali style mixed salad, RM9.
We were quite surprise to see the portion and variety of ingredient used in it.
Tasted good, yummy!

Here comes their specialty - nasi campur (RM33).
We ordered chicken to replace beef as I don't take beef.
It's very big in portion, but we're quite hungry then. So we managed to finish it.
I fancy keropok and sate lilit the most, not too oily and very aromatic!

we went for vege pasta (RM15) to balance up our meaty meal.
The sauce was good, however it'd been out shined by the other star dish.
But it's good too to have something light, right?

We were busy chatting throughout our meal, and we thought that might as well get a dessert to share. And also since there's still some space in out tummy, hehe~

Dessert menu had made us spending some times to choose one, we had pisang bakar (RM13) finally.
It might look a bit normal (like eating bananas with ice-cream for that price?), but mind you, the combo of vanilla ice-cream with grilled bananas is awesome. 

We had a great dinner to spend with each other, isn't that the priceless moment? 
I wish we will have more.

The Waterlily Bistro
No. 11-G, 11-1 & 11-2,
Jalan Mutiara Tropicana 3,
Mutiara Tropicana, PJ.
Tel: 03-78036603 

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