Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Joseph@Kitchen (Revisited)

I was here again, but this time I brought MS here for lunch and coffee.

They are having set lunch 12-3pm from RM13.90 for a soup, a drink and ice cream with the main course.

That's my mushroom soup and MS' salad. She loved my yummy soup that she regretted of her choice.

She ordered tomato soup separately. I thought the sour soup base is quite appetizing, but she didn't really like it.

My veggie rice which I love the fragrance of olive oil and also generous portion of potato wedges~

MS' grilled fish. Luckily it's fresh! (She's raised in a fish village so you know how good she was at spotting fresh seafood)

Yam ice cream in full flavour, nice! 
I hardly had interest in ice cream nowadays, but this one is truly a good one, not the icy type you know~

Last but not least, a good cuppa to end my lunch.
How great a life is! XD

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