Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pullman Bakery, Millenia Walk (Singapore)

You know I'm always excited upon seeing bakeries, especially cool new ones.
I was in Singapore last weekend with friends, and I was still looking around for bakery when we're on shopping spree.

We reached City Hall station and walked through the adjoining malls until we walked out from Suntec City. The other girls spent their money happily but I'd yet eyed on anything I like. :(
Then we saw Millenia Walk across the road so we decided to have a stroll since we still got some time before departing for our flight back to KL.

Then then then, I saw this cool bakery just located at the side of the entrance, imagine me like a happy kid seeing candy shop~ XD
Finally there's something for me!

I tahan myself not to buy a lot but only this Hokkaido milk bread (half).
I got to know Hokkaido is quite famous for its milk products, so I thought this must be the best seller.

Only that when I did research online, I got to know that their curry bun is actually the featured one.

Back to the milk bread, sugar is sprinkled onto the bread. But by the time I ate it (the next morning) for breakfast, the sugar melted already. Actually if I still can see sugar, I'll just brush them off the bread as I don't favour sweet thing. 
But it's not as sweet as I thought, not sure if it's the sugar, the bread has the crunchiness on the outside. The inner bun is soft and tasted like sponge cake. 

I'm happy with what I've got this time, let's see what will I get on my next visit. :)

Pullman Bakery
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-97/98 Millenia Walk S039596

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