Thursday, July 14, 2011

Village Cafe, Sunway Giza

I've been to Sunway Giza quite many times as it's so near to where I stay.
But I'd never thought of eating at this Village Cafe as it looks very much like a bakery to me.

Till one afternoon when I was looking for a place for lunch then only I found out they serve proper meal. On top of that, they serve vegetarian meals!

I had this green bean soup with winter melon(?), which was quite a big portion. Just that I thought the combination is kinda weird as both are in soft texture. It's not too bad, but somehow I still prefer green bean to go with sweet potato.

Here's my fuzhou mee suah.
Very big portion indeed, I took quite some times to finish it. XD
I like it a lot with generous amount of vegetables and flavourful soup.

It is situated on ground floor next to Village Grocer inside Sunway Giza Mall.