Wednesday, July 20, 2011

K ki Sweets, Ann Siang Hill (Singapore)

Ann Siang Hill is such a lovely place in Singapore.
We stayed in Chinatown for the previous trip, which is within walking distance to this place.
It was a just a turn in the corner where everything suddenly becomes so serene and quiet from the busy main street.

A friend came here before for a boutique and a cafe cum shop.
Unfortunately, the vintage boutique was closed and we can only visit the cafe next to it.

The Little Dröm Store is the name of the shop, K ki Sweets shares the spaces with it.

Once you push the door open, pretty slices of cakes are exhibited in front of you.

Looking out to the small lane from our table. On the left part is the gallery shop.

Preparation counter of K ki.

Cappucino/latte (SGD 4.50).

The yellow top slice is named Kinabaru (SGD8), which is in coconut flavour.
Emily (SGD8.50) is the name for the red cake. :)

 Little Red Riding Hood (SGD9)is already an art piece, don't you think?

Another slice of Kinabaru and The cute cake in front is Cafe Dumo (SGD8.50) which has a strong coffee flavour.

The full view!
We're happy with our cakes despite the total damage of the all for SGD66. XD

K ki Sweets
7 Ann Siang Hill

Tel: 62256650

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