Thursday, February 21, 2013

Invited review: PLOY with your food

I first heard about Ploy, Work@Clearwater from SW who had celebrated her birthday there last year.
She recommended the place for the ambience as well as the food.

As I received the invitation to Ploy for sampling their special selection menu, i was quite excited and accepted it immediately.

The place isn't too hard for me to locate, just take a left turn at UOA building in Damansara Heights and not too far away,  I found myself in Work@Clearwater already.

If you still haven't done with yee sang, they have a unique package for you. :)

You fancy iced drink but always end up with having a diluted one after adding in ice cubes?
Ploy knows well with this problem, so they present you with ice made from your drink!

We were served with iced lemon tea, and of course the ice tubes were made of iced lemon tea.

Truffled hamachi, RM55.
It's fresh hamachi sashimi bathing in yuzu truffle sauce.

Spicy miso soup, RM30.
Inside this Japanese inaka miso soup are white radish, mirin and bonito flakes, not forgetting the big chunk of fresh lobster meat.
It was a bit salty and strong in flavour. Those who fancy heavy taste food will love this.

Crispy fish basket, RM35.
The whole dish could be finished without leftover! Besides the deep fried cripsy sole fish fillets, the fish basket (fish bone) is equally cripsy and yes, it's edible!

The cosy dining area where we were served with superb food.

Here comes one of the highlights of the night: torched sunrise tuna. (RM35)
We were presented with a plate of sushi rice, fish roe with akami tuna on top.
Then it was seared, after that it was up to us how we gonna eat it.
Time for some fun!

Pohpiah or handroll style, you choose.
We were given with the seaweed sheet, so I made it into this handroll.
I thought it's lovely to present it that way. :)

Mussel mania (RM35), as the name suggested, it's a pot of mussels cooked in coconut juice with Thai herbs, basil and mint leaves.
It was cooked on the spot and all I could smell was the fragrance of the herbs and basil, smelling good!
I'd no idea how's the taste of the mussel as I don't take certain seafood.

spaghetti spicy corn beef, RM21.
The aglio alio style with Brazilian corn beef.
I don't take beef too, but the others gave thumbs up for it.

Abalone somen, RM55.
So it's kinda soba+ramen I heard.
I thought it had the same smell as the hamachi served earlier, then I found out it's the truffle sauce which is also the soup for the somen here.
The noodles tasted good with the cold soup, light and refreshing.
I love the like-an-island-in the-sea presentation, imagining the somen as the island and the blue plate as the sea. Cool huh?

Well, the emperor burger (RM25) was served last. VIP ma~
Again, as I don't take beef, I only had the bun on top to have a taste.
Mantou style it is and being lightly toasted, I like it. :)
The other part that I didn't take was finished off by the other who already had one, but didn't mind to help me to clear it. I thought it must be quite good.

The head chef, Mr Daniel Yong came to say hello as the session has almost come to an end.
He was a Japanese cuisine chef before. That explained the fusion style here with a Japanese touch, which is also the favourite cuisine of the boss other than Thai food.
He contributed a lot for the design of the menu here.

Thanks to Mr Gerald D'cruz for the invitation and also Mr Prakash Ramachandran, the general manager of Ploy for hosting us.

G-2, WORK@Clearwater, 
Jalan Changkat Semantan, 
50490 Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2095 0999

Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 00:00
Sat: 18:00 - 00:00


  1. japanese fusion food, look interesting to me ~yumyum

    1. They are quite adventurous with the food~ ;)